LUCID MAVEN is a strategic consultancy that connects clients to next generation culture: the ever-evolving and multicultural youth zeitgeist.

We are your collaboration partners to:

Discover new ways to connect with next generation culture.

Gain a competitive edge through valuable insights.

Attract a younger and more diverse audience.

Design and execute impactful strategies.

Make smarter decisions.

Stay relevant.


NEXT GENERATION CULTURE is the continuously burgeoning youth market that disrupts previous generations again and again…

 an agile, non-monolithic, creative, and multicultural group whose identities are their own and not defined by previous generations.



Where others simply leverage culture, we champion and nurture culture for the greater good in communities. Ultimately, we create a sustainable and dynamic relationship between clients and next generation culture.


Our ecosystem transcends ‘youth’ solely defined by age – we are comprised of not only young mavens, but also the cultural pioneers who continuously inspire and carve new pathways for next generation culture.

We developed this all-encompassing framework to nurture a constantly shifting landscape and the innovative mindset that is next generation culture.



Data, insights, and trends are useful and important; however, they can miss the cultural information necessary to make the best connections.

Lucid Maven connects to the heart of culture, deepening impact for our clients.


Lucid Maven Labs | Annual Collaboration Partner

Lucid Maven Labs is our annual partnership package.  We collaborate with your team throughout the year to craft new strategies and provide tactical support that will help you better engage with and connect to next generation culture.

Bespoke Cultural Workshops

Our Bespoke Cultural Workshop is a full or half-day interactive experience that helps you gain valuable insights to make more informed decisions when connecting with next generation culture.

Prior to kicking off the Bespoke Cultural Workshop, our team will listen to your goals and challenges. From there, we will curate the workshop that aligns with your company’s goals and provide post-event materials for your team to reflect on after completing the workshop.

Cultural Insights Reports & Events

Lucid Maven Cultural Insights Reports is a subscription-based online portal. Subscribers receive relevant news, trends, insights, and invites to special events (live and virtual) throughout the year.

Cultural Insights Portal Opening Soon

Culture + Style Labs

“Style delights because it is always fresh, it is a little ode to creativity and novelty. It gives a hint of personality, always a little excursion into self-expression. It is a reflection of your unique complexity as a human being.”  –  Psychology Today

Without a doubt, style is the cornerstone of culture. With Gen Z being the most diverse in the nation’s history, it’s important to understand the cultural nuances when your company is seeking to integrate culture through fashion campaigns.

Lucid Maven’s Culture and Style Labs can help you better understand the multicultural fabric of Gen Z and help you prepare for Gen Alpha.

Led by our SVP of Style and Culture, your team will have fun while gaining valuable insights that will help you make informed decisions when integrating culture into your next product or communications.

Innovation Labs | Focus Groups

Lucid Maven Innovation Labs works with clients to faciliate focus groups.

Teens and young adults across the nation look forward to contributing to innovations relevant to their generation today and for the future in a variety of categories: products, media, fashion, automotive, technology, and more.

We will curate a custom innovation lab featuring your target market by demographic, psychographic, and geographic location.

Allow our Innovation Labs to: 

  • Convene a cultural insights focus group.
  • Design and oversee custom field studies.
  • Test concepts and products.
  • Review creative for an upcoming campaign.

Recruitment Campaigns & Student Engagement

With a strong network of high schools and college campuses nationwide, we work closely with educational and corporate clients to implement recruitment campaigns.

From current studentsto recent grads, we can help your company develop and execute a recruitment campaign to drive enrollment or help build a diverse talent pipeline.

Social Impact: Strategies For Good

We live where culture thrives, and we’ve seen firsthand, the impact that companies have on our communities.

Social impact is at the heart of why we started Lucid Maven – to help clients with the best intentions fulfill their goals by doing good for those they serve.  We leverage 20 years of experience to help clients create sustainable social impact and purpose-driven initiatives.



We are small, independent strategic consultancy.

We are multi-hypenated professionals who have more than 20+ years crafting campaign for world-class brands, shaping the image of iconic artists, and protecting cultural history while paving way for the next generation.

We are excited to collaborate with agencies, brands, nonprofits and more. To learn how we can benefit your team, please contact us:


Managing Partner, Founder

Alissa Constable is an award-winning leader in business and social impact. With a proven track record of delivering transformational strategies and cultural experiences that results in positive connections with audiences across platforms.Her expertise has contributed to the success of world-class brands, educational institutions, media, entertainment, nonprofit, and technology companies.


Managing Partner, VP of Style & Culture

Roger is cultural pioneer who has worked on some of the world’s most iconic artists today. With June Ambrose, Roger has helped bring cultural aesthetics to print ads, commercials, music videos, films and more. Roger brings an unprecedented reach within the world of next generation culture to Lucid Maven. Clients will have lots of fun with his abundance of creativity while gaining unparalleled insights while working with Roger.



Serial Entrepreneur, Kisha helps companies reach their goals. A scrum master, Kisha keeps all of us on track and works closely with clients to explore their challenges and ensure that their needs are taken care of.


Senior Consultant, Native American, Indigenous Culture

Jannan is an intellectual leader in the resurgence of Indigenous approaches to learning in Tribal education. She is renown for her approach working with local communities, brands, governmental company and more.

ALISSA Managing Partner, Founder
ROGER Managing Partner, VP of Style & Culture
KISHA Operations
JANNA Senior Consultant, Native American, Indigenous Culture